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Our Capabilities

5-Axis CNC Machines

5 Axis milling machining allows for removal of material and contouring from five sides of a part with one set up while holding tolerances of +0.0002”. Fixtures and tooling can reside on Pallet systems offering automated, lights out (24/7) machining and Just in Time (JIT) fabrication of parts to mitigate unnecessary inventory.

List of 5-Axis Machines

Our Capabilities


  • X Axis 21.65”
  • Y Axis 17.32”
  • Z Axis 22.83”
  • RPM = 20,000
  • Taper = HSK63
  • Tools = 320 Capacity
  • 32 Pallet System
Matsuura MX330 5 Axis Machine
Our Capabilities


  • X Axis 17.13”
  • Y Axis 18.31”
  • Z Axis 22.05”
  • RPM = 20,000
  • Taper = BT40
  • Tools = 90 Capacity
  • 10 Pallet System
What We Do


Ricaurte Precision Inc. is equipped with the expertise and technology to meet your On Time Delivery and Quality requirements. Our Orange County, California facilities include 5-Axis Mills, Live Tooling Lathes, Swiss Screw and Wire EDM technologies. We offer 24-7 light out automated fabrication. We fabricate over 300 different parts per month in a wide range of metals and plastics with tolerances of +/- .0002”.