Swiss Screw

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Citizen CINCOM 5M8 (With 12' Barfeeder)

Our 7 Axis CNC Swiss Lathes are used for smaller (.780” diameter or smaller) parts that require milling, turning, boring, tapping or other operations in the same set up. With this technology we are able to consistently machine tight tolerance (+/- .0002”), complex parts in minutes with automated material bar feed systems to streamline and allow for unattended (lights out, 24/7) fabrication. Our Swiss Lathes are incredibly fast, minimizing material waste, and allow for a variety of material to be machined (titanium, nylon, plastics).

What We Do


Ricaurte Precision Inc. is equipped with the expertise and technology to meet your On Time Delivery and Quality requirements. Our Orange County, California facilities include 5-Axis Mills, Live Tooling Lathes, Swiss Screw and Wire EDM technologies. We offer 24-7 light out automated fabrication. We fabricate over 300 different parts per month in a wide range of metals and plastics with tolerances of +/- .0002”.