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What We Do

Here’s What Our Precision Machine Shop Can Do for You.

For over 37 years, RPI has offered expert machining for high-precision aerospace, defense, medical, food packaging, and energy industry components.

Equipped with the expertise and technology to fulfill your most stringent on-time delivery and quality requirements, our Orange County, California, machine shop enables rapid scalability with 24/7 lights-out automated 5-axis machining. Our shop floor also has live tooling lathes, Swiss screw machines, and wire EDM technology.

RPI’s manufacturing experts machine over 300 unique precision parts per month and over 10,000 total parts per month, holding tolerances down to +/- 0.0002” across a diverse array of materials, offering both metal and plastic machining services.

In collaboration with your team, we identify which manufacturing processes will achieve optimum cost efficiency and quality for your part.

5-Axis Machining with Scalable, 24/7 Lights-Out Automation

  • Cutting-edge 5-axis pallet technology enables fully-automated, 24/7 lights-out machining
  • Just-in-time manufacturing mitigates excess inventory
  • Single-setup 5-axis milling cuts and contours precision parts to +/- “0.0002” tolerances

3-Axis & 4-Axis Machining

Single-setup 3- and 4-axis mills cut and contour your precision parts to tolerances down to (+/- .0005”).

Multi-Axis Lathes with 24/7 Lights-Out Automation

  • Turning machines ranging from 3-axis to 9-axis are equipped with automated material bar-feed systems, enabling 24/7 lights-out precision machining
  • Multi-axis lathes are equipped with multiple spindles and turrets, enabling both turning and milling on a single machine
  • Live-tooling lathes efficiently turn and mill in a single setup

Swiss Screw Machining with 24/7 Lights-Out Automation

  • 7-axis CNC Swiss lathes rapidly machine small precision parts with diameters of 0.780” or less to +/- 0.0002” tolerances
  • Single-setup milling, turning, boring, tapping, and other operations enable maximum efficiency
  • Automated material bar-feed systems promote lightning-fast completion with 24/7 lights-out machining

Wire EDM with 24/7 Lights-Out Automation

  • 24/7 lights-out wire EDM services deliver exceptional results with cost efficiency
  • Electric Discharge Machines easily cut hard alloys such as Inconel, titanium, and carbide
  • Wire EDM cuts intricate features and dimensions that mills and lathes cannot achieve

Quality Inspection

  • Certified Precision: AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 certifications for superior quality assurance.
  • Stringent Processes: High standards in fabrication, inspection, and document control for continuous improvement.
  • Accurate Calibration: Inspection equipment calibrated to ISO 10012, ISO 17025, and ANSI/NCSL Z540.1 standards.

Digital Eco-System

RPI has invested $2.2 million in new technologies, establishing an efficient and seamless digital eco-system. Real time data is driving our efficiency, accuracy, collaboration, and traceability across numerous facets of RPI.

Turnkey Solutions

PI can supplement our CNC machining services with turnkey solutions as expansive as your imagination. Inquire about part marking and engraving, finishing and plating, kanban and blanket orders with real-time inventory control, and local part delivery.

Assembly & Kitting

With decades of experience in customer sub-assembly and top-level assembly, RPI offers assembly services, part labeling and packaging, and kitting and crating for larger complex assemblies with cross-country or international destinations.

Orange County customers: Ask about our local delivery options.

Manual Machinery

Our manual machinery offers a collaborative approach to your manufacturing needs. This hands-on expertise ensures meticulous attention to detail, allowing us to craft components with a high level of precision.


RPI has a wealth of experience machining hard nickel alloys (e.g., Inconel, titanium, Hastelloy, stainless, and aluminum). We also offer plastic machining services, commonly working with Vespel, Delrin, PEEK, acrylic, Rulon, phenolic, Vesconite, and others.

We are experienced in determining the appropriate tooling, speeds, feeds, and machining strategies to meet a wide range of finishes while maximizing efficiency and quality.

Our Philosophy
Our Values, Your Success

Marking & Engraving

Get your precision parts marked or serialized with one of our custom laser services:

Laser Marking

CO2 and fiber lasers precisely mark most plastics and metals without ink or tool marks.

Laser Engraving

C02 and fiber lasers engrave metal without ever touching the part’s surface. Laser engraving is well-suited for materials such as stainless steels, tool steels, hardened steel, titanium, carbide, aluminum, brass, and carbon graphite.

Laser Rotary Engraving

Equipped with rotary heads, laser rotary engraving machines precisely and efficiently engrave cylindrical parts made from most metals and plastics.


When your parts require plating, anodizing, heat treating, powder coating, and other finishing processes, we arrange these key services with one of our tested and trusted vendor partners. We thoroughly inspect all parts to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards for quality and consistency.

Shipping & Delivery

RPI is committed to the continuous care of your parts, beginning with the receipt of your material and extending through to machining, inspection, and secure packaging and handling.

We maintain real-time inventory control for all blanket, kanban, and repeat orders, as well as assemblies and expedites. Daily reports monitor your stock and release requirements.

Request cross-country or monthly international shipments, or inquire about direct delivery to your local Orange County workplace. Our delivery team is dedicated to appropriately handling your parts package and is equipped to address any first-level requests you may have.

Machine List

On Our Precision Machine Shop Floor

To ensure high-quality machining, we invest in state-of-the-art systems.

To continuously elevate our machining quality, consistency, and efficiency, we effectively leverage new technologies and comprehensive planning strategies.

To meet the ever-evolving needs of our valued customers, we maintain cutting-edge CNC milling, turning, and EDM machines.

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Citizen Cincom Swiss L20 with 12 ft automated Barfeeder
Miyano BNE51MSY with 12 ft automated Barfeeder
Nakamura AS200LMYS with 4 ft LNS automated Barfeeder
SMART SL 3500 Fanuc
Okuma LB-3000 EX II
Okuma Crown 762S
Okuma Cadet
Akira Seiki SL-40
Omni Turn

Matsuura MAM72-35 5-Axis (32 pallet/320 tool stations)
Matsuura MX-330 PC10 5-Axis (10 pallet/90 tool stations)
Robodrill with 4th and 5th Axis position
Robodrill with 4th and 5th Axis position
Robodrill Long bed, with Full 4th Axis
Feeler VB-1100 with Full 4th Axis
Mazak Nexus 510C
Feeler VMP-580
Feeler VB-1100
Feeler VMP-1100
Doosan Daewoo

Fanuc RoboCut 400
Fanuc RoboCut 400
Fanuc RoboCut 400
Sodic Hole Puncher

Jet Vertical Mill
Bridgeport Vertical Mill
Lagun Vertical Mill
Victor 1640 Lathe
Cadillac Lathe
Mori Seiki Lathe
Chevalier FSG-3A1020 CNC Wet Grinder
Harig Super 612 Grinder
Harig Super 612 Grinder
DoAll DC33ONC Automated Saw
MasterCut S-30 HB Saw
Kalamazoo 30-R-10 Saw
Rutland LCM-450 Saw

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