5 Tips for Choosing a Machine Shop for Your Precision Machining Needs

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Machine Shop for Your Precision Machining Needs

A machine shop is a critical facility for engineers and designers to source their parts produced through fabrication, turning, CNC machining, milling, and grinding. When you decide to order your CNC machined parts, you want a machine shop with services that are compatible with your project requirements in both the short and long term.  Here are 5 tips for choosing a machine shop for your precision machining needs

A simple online search reveals many machine shops offering their services either locally or nationally. Unfortunately, CNC services vary greatly, and when you settle on one shop, you may have to push for concessions on scope, material, time, or cost.

To make sure your projects go smoothly, we’ve shared a list of crucial things to consider when choosing a machine shop.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Machine Shop for Your Precision Machining Needs

1. Do they Have the Right Materials for Your Precision Machining Needs?

Check whether the shop has diverse materials, from titanium and stainless steel to the more soft and common aluminum 6061. This is an indicator that the shop has diverse manufacturing experience to handle your present and future requests.

2. Is there an Independent Quality Assurance Team?

Validation of operations through in-process assessments and carrying out the final inspection to endorse or reject a machine part is critical for maintaining quality. However, for this process to be credible and impartial, the machine shop should have an independent quality assurance team.

3. How Quick is the Upload and Submission Process at the Machine Shop?

Go for a machine shop that allows you to get a quote for CNC parts easily. It should enable configuration of the quote to reduce the probability of misinterpretation or miscommunication on the project. This will help to avoid unexpected post-order issues and time wastage.

4. Does the Shop Perform Secondary Operations and Finishes?

A manufactured part may require finishes such as electropolishing, nickel plating, chemical conversion coating, or anodizing. Additionally, it may require features such as silkscreen, installed inserts, and laser marking before shipment. Choosing a shop that can carry out the secondary operation and finishes will help you get an all-set component.

5. Can you Speak to an Expert?

You may eventually have a design feature that might not manufacture properly in the selected manufacturing process. In such a situation, having a conversation with an expert becomes important to your project’s success. Check whether the machine shop has a live chat, email, or phone line through which you can raise concerns and get quick answers to your questions.

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