When Should You Seek a Fabrication Partner With Swiss Screw Capabilities?

swiss screw machining capabilities

Swiss Screw Machines are a niche technology used for long round parts that are 1.25” in diameter or smaller. This type of fabrication was initially developed for the intricate parts of the watchmaking industry and continues to be a valuable option for specific part needs. 

The conventional fixed headstock lathe machines cannot produce these small, precise parts, so many industries have used Swiss Screw technology for their parts.

What are the Swiss Screw Capabilities?

Several instances may require the use of Swiss Screw CNC machining for pinpoint measurements and precise detailing of your work. Another benefit is that the part is made entirely on one machine.

Here are just a few examples of the swiss screw capabilities available:

  1. Milling: The Swiss screw CNC offers fast and efficient milling processes of your workpiece.
  2. Turning: The turning advantages of the Swiss Screw machine is advanced in its mechanics, guide bushing, and tool zone geometry.
  3. Threading: Automated threading functions of the Swiss Screw CNC eliminate human errors of measurements that occasionally cause thread incompatibility.
  4. Drilling: The drilling process is made fast and accurate by the use of the Swiss Screw CNC machine.
  5. Sawing: The secondary operation of sawing can easily be performed efficiently and effectively on a Swiss Screw CNC machine.

Top Benefits of Using Swiss Screw CNC Technology

The Swiss Screw machine has functionalities that can be automated and fit your CNC machining needs to offer benefits beyond precise parts.

Time Savings

The operation time on a Swiss Screw CNC machine is reduced compared to other conventional lathe machines. This is because it is flexible enough to operate five tools on a piece of work, all at the same time.

Perfect Surface Finish

Once an object has been machined on a Swiss Screw CNC, this eliminates the need for another finishing job as the surface usually comes out perfectly finished.

Work With Professionals for Your CNC Needs

At Ricaurte Precision, we provide precision CNC machining services, including Swiss Screw. We utilize the latest technology to manufacture orders of all types and varieties. 

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