Machine Spotlight: NAKAMURA TOME AS200LS Dual Spindle Live Tooling Lathe

Machine Spotlight: NAKAMURA TOME AS200LS Dual Spindle Live Tooling Lathe

The Nakamura Tome AS200LS dual-spindle live-tooling lathe is an engineering staple made by Japan-based, Nakamura Tome. It is well-known for its durability and reliability. 

Besides its long life, the Nakamura Tome’s impressive features have enabled it to carve out a niche in various sectors. High-volume machine shops specializing in medical device and aerospace components use the AS200LS in their operations. However, Tome AS200LS has more to offer than its unique design characteristics.  

Nakamura Tome AS200LS Dual Spindle Overview

This space-saving and light machine combines able operational features from standard milling functions for an inspiring power punch. The machine’s mills drive out 5.5/3.7kw of power. The mills are run by Tome’s reliable power output coupled with 12 rotating stations.

The spindle drills in metals at 6000 rpm while the C-axis and 82mm-stroke Y-axis improves accuracy. This feature earns Tome AS200LS a special place in the aircraft industry, where accuracy is crucial.

Enveloped in this small machine are strong spindle and sub-spindle drive motors, which rotate at 4500rpm and 6000rpm, respectively. They too add up to the machine’s total output.

Highlighted features:

  • Weight: 11023 lbs. 
  • High-speed index:
    •  X-axis: 24 m/min
    • Z-axis: 36 m/min
    • C-axis: 600 per min 
  • Max dodecagonal drum turret
  • 12 milling tools 
  • Drive motors power of the main spindle is 20 HP, sub-spindle (op.) is 10HP, and driven tool spindle is 7.5 HP

Nakamura Tome AS200LS is an accomplished engineering tool that will be an asset to your project with its impressive features, accuracy, and able power output. 

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