How Wire EDM Technology Enhances Accuracy, Safety, and Efficiency

wire edm technology benefits

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology is preferred when locational detail or toughness of the material to be cut is either impossible or costly when using the traditional cutting methods. These machines are specifically designed to cut difficult dimensions and hard alloys, including iconnel, titanium, and carbide.

Wire EDM technology has significantly advanced from when copper was used. Brass wire electrodes are now widely used instead, and the latest technology involves using coated wire electrodes to achieve accuracy, safety, and efficiency. 

At Ricaurte Precision, our Wire EDM machines are also equipped for 24/7 lights-out automated fabrication, making this a cost-effective option for high-quality parts.

Top Benefits of Wire EDM Technology

Due to the need for high-precision industrial products and cutting down on high labor costs, high value-added requirements have been emphasized on advancing technology of wire EDM. This has led to multiple benefits to using this method.

1. Efficiency

Automation and robotization have been introduced to the Wire EDM processes to achieve efficiency and avoid human error. Automated management tools for production processes can be used for quality control, including observing the real-time machine status to reduce unnecessary machine downtime. 

EDM cutting enables the manufacture of products in less time compared to previous technology used and other conventional processes like laser cutting.

2. Safety

Wire EDM guarantees safety because of the automated wire feeding capability when the wire breakpoint is reached in taper cutting. No human input is required to feed the wire. The automated process greatly reduces the probability of unforeseen accidents.

3. Accuracy

Fulfilling high-precision requirements calls for the need to develop more progressive cutting technologies. Wire EDM offers you just that. The latest technology involves the use of high-precision cutting, designed explicitly for thick-work pieces.

Wire EDM facilitates the elimination of the cutting stresses the material being worked on is subjected to. It enables the achievement of higher accuracy, as well as tight tolerances.

While these machines offer many benefits, you need to work with an experienced CNC machine shop to ensure your parts are made efficiently and accurately. Ricaurte Precision has been manufacturing parts across various industries for more than three decades.

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