Our Strategic Approach to Investing in New Manufacturing Technologies


Ricaurte Precision is committed to being one of the most innovative California precision machining companies. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by continuously investing in the latest digital and automation technologies. 

However, with the rapid evolution of technology, we must be strategic when choosing where to reinvest. 

Our culture of innovation ensures everyone, from our company president to our junior machinist has an eye on what’s next for our California precision machining company and feels a collective responsibility for RPI’s technological advancements.

The Power of Collective Decision-Making

At RPI, we constantly evaluate our current technology and assess where we have room for improvement. Our management team reviews current and new technologies monthly and maintains working relationships with vendors to stay on top of the latest innovations in precision machining services. 

We know the best ideas often come from the people on the floor, so we’ve created a culture where our employees feel comfortable sharing what’s working and what isn’t—plus the potential solutions they’d like to see.

Our methodical, careful, and steady approach to integrating 5-axis machining

Several years ago, we made the strategic decision to integrate 5-axis automated pallet systems into our precision machining facility. Our management team and programming team wanted to expand our automation and precision machining capabilities, but some of our machinists felt wary of the complexity involved. Leveraging this collective input, we carefully planned the transition to 5-axis machining with a strong focus on training. 

Our machinists are now highly experienced and comfortable with 5-axis machining, and we understand its full potential better than many other California-based precision machining companies. 

Every Team Member’s Participation Matters

The decision to implement new technology is never made on a whim. When RPI begins to hone in on technology that would benefit our team and customers we meticulously assess the short- and long-term benefits, financial burdens, and human resources impacts of implementation. 

We also ensure everyone is involved in the implementation process, especially the employees working directly with the new technology.

When RPI upgraded our ERP system to ProShop, we went through the process as a team. This approach motivated everyone to step up and use ProShop to its full potential and has encouraged accountability and transparency throughout our facilities. 

RPI’s success is a team effort. When every employee is involved and has their voice heard, using a new technology properly becomes a shared responsibility.

How RPI’s Technology Investments Benefit Customers

RPI’s strategic approach to investing in new technologies guarantees that each one is the right decision for our company and customers. We use our technology and automation capabilities to analyze vast amounts of data to increase our facility’s efficiency and transparency. Our advanced CNC machining services ensure customers receive high-quality parts on time. 

Customers can see the benefits for themselves when they visit RPI.  A surprising number of California machine shops don’t yet leverage modern technologies to the same extent as RPI, and the difference is clear when walking around our advanced facility. We encourage potential customers to visit us and see the difference between RPI and other machine shops—get in touch to schedule a time!

Meeting customer demands as we move forward

We’re always listening to our customers’ needs, and many are saying that they would like us to adhere to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). To meet this industry standard, we’re increasing our automation capabilities by adding more pallet systems and a content management system on our shop floor. We’ll also focus on our company’s detailed documentation processes and tracking data trends.

When customers work with RPI, they can feel our commitment and dedication to every decision and project. To work with a shop focused on staying on the cutting edge of technology, request a quote today.