The Power of Digital Technology in Precision Machining

Digital Technologies

Ricaurte Precision integrates digital technology into every step of our precision machining process. Our investments in programs like ProShop, Paperless Parts, HighQA, and Datanomix have transformed how RPI runs—we’re more efficient, transparent, and customer-forward than ever before. 

Digital technology is so embedded in our process that many customers don’t realize how it streamlines and improves their experience with our shop. 

But, as always, RPI has customer interests at heart. Keep reading as we share our journey to becoming a digitally integrated shop and how customers like you benefit.

Investing in Digital Solutions for Precision Machining

Before RPI implemented digital solutions, our shop operations were paper-intensive, and prone to errors.

Eager to streamline meaningful data access, RPI has been significantly scaling through the implementation of digital technologies over the past three years. We’ve integrated digital technologies into shop processes, and now, when we need to find information, all it takes is a simple search function in our digitized records. 

Here are some of the programs we use daily:

  • ProShop allows us to schedule and track precision machining processes on the shop floor.
  • Paperless Parts generates fast, accurate quotes and streamlines customer communications.
  • Datanomix monitors production in real-time and provides operational insights.
  • HighQA simplifies and automated quality management processes.

To utilize these programs at full capacity, we installed dual monitors at each machine station, providing machinists direct access to drawings, 3D models, tool lists, work instructions, programs, inspection reports, and schedules. We initiated rigorous training with our team to ensure everyone at RPI was comfortable using the new technologies.

Our digital infrastructure extends beyond the shop floor and front office. RPI’s training materials, internet resources, and maintenance procedures are available to our machinists online, allowing them ample learning opportunities and ensuring our team stays competitive.

How Our Digital Infrastructure Benefits Customers

RPI’s digital technologies might work behind the scenes, but the positive impact on customers is clear as day. Our digital systems drive accountability, traceability, and efficiency on every level of our California machine shop, from the front office to quality control to the reviewing process. 

RPI’s digital infrastructure ensures:

  • Competitive pricing and timely deliveries thanks to the efficiencies we’ve gained in areas like documentation and precision machining.
  • Seamless communication throughout the shop. For example, when machinists trade off shifts, all the information from the previous shift is available on the computer, eliminating miscommunication errors and the “I wasn’t told” excuse.
  • Real-time updates to customers with the press of a button (or two). No more playing phone tag.

RPI’s digital solutions aren’t just utilized on an “as-needed” basis. We practice data-driven proactivity to stay ahead of the curve. Data is constantly produced by machines and technical staff every hour of the day, and our digital infrastructure organizes that data and identifies patterns to ensure we improve at every opportunity.

Transparent shop tours

Customers may not see our digital technology at work, but thanks to our superior results, most people don’t have to see it to believe it. 

That said, if you do want a deeper dive into shop processes, we love giving tours of our California precision machining facilities. We’ll happily demonstrate our digital solutions in action as our machinists walk you through Paperless Parts and ProShop, providing complete visibility into your order.

Of course, you can still receive thorough order updates by calling us anytime. Our digital technology guarantees we can provide real-time order updates over the phone.

Honest, transparent communication is one of our core values, and with digital technology, we’re proud to take transparency to a new level.

RPI’s Culture of Excellence 

We might make our digital infrastructure look simple, but the transition wasn’t simply plug-and-play. Successful implementation required training, discipline, and extreme accountability across the shop. 

But looking at the benefits, we can confidently say all the hard work has been worth it and it still continues.

RPI’s journey to incorporating a digital infrastructure isn’t just about working faster or making more money. Our investments in digital technology help us continue to build a culture of learning, adaptability, and excellence that encourages customers to return to RPI again and again.

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