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How Digitizing Our Precision Machine Shop Benefits Customers


At Ricaurte Precision, we aggressively pursue continuous improvement initiatives and investments in technology. From our customer communications to the technology we bring to the shop floor, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience and maximize our output. We’re particularly proud of how we’ve digitized our precision machine shop in recent years.

If you think digitization primarily benefits shops, think again. Our digitization efforts also benefit customers in many essential ways. 

Digitization at Ricaurte Precision

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. There are hundreds of ways to digitize, from using cloud storage and online quoting software in the front office to implementing automation on the shop floor.

Manufacturing technology is constantly evolving, and it’s all very exciting! But we take extreme care to implement only the technologies that are right for our shop. Currently, we rely on Paperless Parts for quoting, ProShop ERP for enterprise resource planning, and High QA for quality management. These technologies are well suited for our business, integrate seamlessly with one another, and help streamline communication across departments. 

In addition to digitizing our business operations, we also strive to digitize our shop floor. We’re continuously implementing new technologies, like pallet systems and automated barfeeders that run lights-out, multi-axis technologies, and—eventually—robots to help our machines run efficiently without human intervention. 

The Benefits of Digitization in a Precision Machine Shop

In an increasingly digital world, we often take for granted the ways technology makes our lives better. But it’s easy to spot the differences between the precision machine shops that have taken steps to digitize and those that haven’t. Technology has improved our business and our customers’ experiences working with us in various ways. 

Internal benefits of digitization

It’s impossible to understate just how much digitization has leveled up our operations. Here are a few key examples of how technology benefits us every day:

  • Information access. Before we digitized our files and started using our ERP system in conjunction with Paperless Parts and our quality management system, accessing and analyzing customer data was very cumbersome. Now, we have an abundance of information at our fingertips, allowing us to make better decisions for our customers and our business. 
  • Organization. In a shop as big as ours, we always have numerous balls in the air. Thankfully, we have the right systems in place to stay organized and track our manufacturing process from start to finish. 
  • Efficiency. Investing in the right technology has allowed us to streamline communication, improve employee accountability, and decrease our lead times. Overall, we’re a more efficient organization for it. 

Customer benefits of digitization 

The internal benefits of digitization inevitably trickle down to our customers in many ways: 

  • We make their parts more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Our quality is more consistent due to greater employee accountability 
  • We send out faster, more accurate quotes
  • There’s less risk of human error thanks to our increased reliance on automation
  • We maintain better communication with customers through each stage of their project
  • We have enhanced control over documentation and our materials and tooling inventories 
  • Our customer Kanban process has improved significantly

Few things are as valuable in manufacturing as finding a precision machine shop that is forward-thinking, consistent, and organized. We’re proud to offer all that and more at Ricaurte Precision. Request a quote to work with us.