Exploring Contract Manufacturing at the 2022 Design-2-Part Show

Design-2-Part Show

Ricaurte Precision recently exhibited at the Design-2-Part Show in Long Beach, California. The event, which took place at the Long Beach Convention Center on October 12 and 13, is the region’s largest and longest-running design and contract manufacturing show. 

We were one of 125 exhibitors at the show and had an incredible time networking with OEMs and other vendors in the manufacturing community. 

The Value of Face-to-Face Interaction 

It was our first time exhibiting at this particular show, and we were eager to get in front of peers and colleagues alike. Attendance was up a significant 18% since the last Design-2-Part Show, which was held pre-pandemic—a clear sign that people are eager to get back out there.  

While the pandemic isn’t over, and we are all still finding new ways to adapt to this new normal, there is no denying that meeting face-to-face at industry conferences provides incredible value. People want to reconnect, reconvene, and return to the real world.

We took this opportunity to learn from attendees and vendors while demonstrating Ricaurte Precision’s advanced capabilities and technologies. The ability to network in real-time enabled us to assess potential customers’ needs on the spot and assure them that we can provide valuable solutions. 

Showcasing our Digital Capabilities 

We decided to forgo a traditional display to avoid overloading our booth. Instead of cluttering the table with CNC machined parts and hanging banners in the background, we kept our booth simple and fully digital to make it clear that we are a tech-forward, lights out precision machine shop that embraces automation and innovation. 

We set up a 55-inch TV screen with a looping video showing our shop’s capabilities. Another screen demonstrated our advanced quoting and ERP systems, and yet another had a video explaining how our shop works in even more detail. 

This setup gave attendees an authentic feel for the flow and function of our shop so that they could envision what it might look like to work with us. 

Meeting the Needs of Precision Machining Customers

Design-2-Part Show

We were thrilled to have many in-depth conversations with attendees. During these discussions, we heard OEMs voicing similar complaints about precision machine shops. Common pain points included: 

  • Problems with on-time delivery 
  • Difficulty scaling 
  • Inconsistencies in quality and documentation

Fortunately, our advanced processes already take these issues into account and provide effective solutions: 

  • The digital systems we have in place hold our team accountable and improve traceability, enabling us to consistently deliver parts on time, ensure impeccable part quality, and maintain thorough documentation.
  • As a lights out precision machine shop, we invest heavily in the tooling, programs, and fixtures required to run parts 24/7 once they have been validated, allowing us to scale more seamlessly than many other shops. 

A Worthwhile Experience 

Ultimately, meeting face-to-face proved to be a great way to show people who we are and what we can do. In our conversations, we could quickly determine if we were the right fit for potential customers. And if we weren’t the right fit? No problem. We happily steered them to other approved vendors in our network when necessary. 

We also had the chance to see how our technology and systems stack up to other precision machine shops and discover new opportunities for continuously improving to best meet customers’ needs. 

We’re already excited about the next Design-2-Part Show! We’ll keep reporting back on our experiences at the manufacturing events we attend. In the meantime, if there is anything Ricaurte Precision can do for you, please request a quote