How 24-7 “Lights-Out” Automated Fabrication Can Work For You

How 24-7 “Lights-Out” Automated Fabrication Can Work For You

Why is automated fabrication technology becoming more common in CNC machine shops? 

CNC automation provides the precision fabrication to exact measurements in a shortened time frame. And the reduced likelihood of errors also helps to improve efficiency.

A CNC machine shop with 24/7 ‘lights-out’ automation has the ability to operate with a limited human presence, allowing for a quicker turnaround time on parts while maintaining accuracy.

Does Automated Fabrication Replace Employee Expertise?

Automation can never take the place of an engineer, programmer, or experienced set-up machinist’s expertise. Instead, it leaves the expert free to focus on the more complicated processes while using automated fabrication for the more repetitive, tedious tasks.

Through the use of automation, workers are also kept from performing dangerous tasks that could put their safety in jeopardy. Doing repetitive tasks for a long period of time can also cause the employee to lose focus, causing additional safety or error issues.

How Does Automated Fabrication Speed Up the Process?

Since lights-out automated fabrication doesn’t necessitate a full staff, it allows us to create more shifts in order to get you the same high-quality parts in less time. 

One specific machine example is our MIYANO BNE-51MSY Machine. This live-tooling, multi-axis lathe cuts, shapes, and mills all in one machine. No more manual turning or putting the part to be milled in a separate machine, allowing for a more efficient, automated process.

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