Why Ricaurte Precision Is an Ideal Partner for Space Applications

Space industry Applications

When your parts are space-bound, your precision machining partner must understand the nuances of aerospace machining. Partnering with aerospace experts like Ricaurte Precision can eliminate project hiccups and ensure scalability, timeliness, and quality.

Read on to learn what makes space machining unique and why many space companies turn to RPI, a trusted California machine shop, for a top-quality CNC machining experience.

Why Is Precision Machining for Space Applications Unique? 

From strict regulations to tight tolerances to exotic materials, space machining demands a different set of skills and capabilities than what many precision machining shops possess.

Regulations and certifications

The aerospace industry is highly regulated. A shop specializing in aerospace and space machining must hold certifications like AS9100D and ITAR and maintain CMMC compliance.

RPI goes above and beyond industry compliance standards with our top-of-the-line precision machining production and inspection practices. 

Size and tolerancing 

Most of the parts RPI machines for space applications are satellite and rocket components small enough to fit inside a shoe box. 

These small parts often include mission-critical tight tolerance dimensions, which require effective machining and inspection by an experienced precision machine shop like RPI. 

Unique materials

The materials common in space machining can differ from what you’d find in a typical machine shop. RPI works with aluminum, stainless steel, exotic alloys like Inconel and titanium, and plastics such as Vespel for space applications. Not all shops have the expertise to successfully machine some of these more challenging materials, but RPI does. 

Why Partner with RPI for Space Machining?

At RPI, we pride ourselves on being a consistent, efficient, trustworthy partner and an expert source for aerospace and space machining. 

When selecting a partner for space parts, consider why RPI is trusted by many in the industry. 

Industry expertise 

In addition to having the required certifications for aerospace machining, RPI has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of machining aerospace and space parts.

Since 1986, customers in these sectors have counted on our California machine shop for some of their most challenging and complex projects.

Cutting-edge technology 

Our high-tech technology and lights-out manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet the short lead times typical to the space industry while achieving high quality standards.

Thanks to our multi-axis twin turret lathes, live tooling lathes, and Swiss screw machines, we can machine complex parts with one setup. Our 5-axis pallet systems allow us to machine five sides of a part with one setup. And our digital ERP and quality management systems clearly document a part’s machining steps to ensure the utmost efficiency. 

Part scalability 

Short lead times are common for space applications. With our investments in machining capabilities, we can seamlessly take parts from prototype to production under one roof, leveraging lights-out machining for maximum efficiency. 

Unlike many machine shops, we are equipped for fast and extremely accurate machining for space applications once we’ve made a prototype. With your part dimensions already saved in our software, we’re able to move quickly on repeat part orders–ensuring you get the parts you need as quickly as possible. 

Come for Our Expertise, Stay for our Superb Customer Service 

Keep in mind that when vetting a precision machine shop, there is more to consider than industry know-how. While expertise is essential, especially in a niche industry like space, we believe responsiveness should be a customer’s top concern. 

RPI is proud of our customer-centric culture and always invites questions and shop visits. We’d love to help you with your next space project. Please stop by to meet our team, pick our brains, and see our cutting-edge technology. We have incredible machines for a company our size! 

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