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What Makes Ricaurte Precision a Great Place to Work?


As part of our mission to offer our customers the most reliable, cost-effective, and highly regarded CNC machining services on the market, Ricaurte Precision is looking to grow our incredible team. 

Are you seeking a position with a precision machine shop known for excellence and a supportive work environment? Read on to discover why our team members love working at Ricaurte Precision.

1. Future-Facing Technology Solutions

We believe in continuous improvement, which means embracing new technologies that optimize our workflows and improve the quality of the parts we manufacture. We’ll never hesitate to replace a system that isn’t serving our team’s needs—no matter how long it’s been in place.

Digital workflow systems

We’ve implemented digital systems for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), quoting, quality assurance, and inspection, and we’re working toward becoming a fully digital precision machine shop. Phasing out paper records has helped us keep part quality consistent and improve team accountability.  

Automation solutions that support our team

We champion automation and view it as a way for our team to work “smarter, not harder.” We would never use automation to replace jobs—instead, we use it to create a better, more fulfilling work environment. 

For instance, our multi-axis lathes have automated bar feed systems, alleviating our employees of the repetitive task of feeding these machines and freeing them up to engage in more challenging work. Additionally, our wire EDM equipment can run 24/7, maximizing productivity without the need for human intervention. 

2. Employee Recognition 

When a team member goes above and beyond for a customer, we always express our appreciation and praise them for their dedication to our precision machine shop. We’re committed to rewarding initiative and providing a supportive environment that sets our people up for success.

We use the four Cs to identify different types of employees:

  • Committed. Committed employees take pride in their work and show dedication to their team.
  • Compelled. Compelled employees go above and beyond for their customers, always searching for ways to improve.
  • Complacent. Complacent employees may not be as driven as committed or compelled employees, but they can often be motivated to improve their performance. 
  • Cynical. Cynical employees are not invested in their work and bring the team down. If a cynical employee isn’t willing to change their behavior, we may have to let them go.

Maintaining awareness of these employee types enables us to make necessary changes, help employees improve whenever possible, and reward those who are committed and compelled to succeed.

3. Positive Work Culture

We strive to create an environment where all of our team members feel comfortable, inspired, and supported. Our core values guide us in everything we do: 

  • Excellence in communication
  • Attention to detail and quality
  • Flexibility and resourcefulness
  • Eagerness to grow
  • Gratitude

And while we work hard at our jobs, we also know it’s important to have fun. Many of our employees play in our company’s soccer league!

At Ricaurte Precision, we strive to build a strong team dedicated to our shared success. When our team succeeds, our customers succeed. 

Interested in joining us? Contact us today!